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Guidance Document Template

This page serves as the template for creating your own guidance document to add to one of the FICAM Guides.

To create your own page using the github website, copy the content from this file, paste it into a new file (new files can be created through the ‘new file’ link at the top of the pages folder), give the new file a name (at the top of the page there will be a box that says ‘name your file’), and change the title and permalink at the very top section of the file (the permalink should match the new file name). The title should be what you want to appear at the top of the page on the site, and the permalink text should match the name of the file, but in the format /mypage/ instead of mypage.md.

In this template, you will see text that explains how to use this template and comments explaining the formats.


This text should be populated with a brief overview of what content is contained within the guidance document, and may include information on the intended audience, the outcome of the guide, and any other information that would help the user to understand the guide.

  • This text will be a bullet explaining a precondition or assumption before the user begins to follow the steps outlined in this document
  • The asterisk symbol denotes a bulleted item, and an indented asterisk denotes a second level bullet
    • This is a second level bullet

Before you get started

This text will provide any reference information that may be needed to complete the steps outlined in the guide.

Alt text for an image goes here

1. Title of Procedure 1

This text will appear as a ‘warning flag’ on the website, which is a yellow banner. (The “>” symbol and the line directly underneath this body of text create the formatting for this flag.) Warning flags can be used for notifications such as notifying a user that they should skip a certain procedure.

This text will appear as a red banner, for an ‘alert’ message. Alert flags can be used for notifications such as common problems that may occur.

This text will appear as a green banner, for an ‘informational’ message. These flags can be used for notifications such as useful links or helpful tips.

This is the main body text that explains the purpose of the procedure and any context that you might need before diving into the individual steps. The text within each step should walk the user directly through exactly what they need to do to complete the procedure.

Text within double asterisks will appear as bolded.

Text within single asterisks will appear as italicized.

Text within three backticks style code or command line samples

For more information on formatting in markdown, go here.

  1. Step 1 of the procedure…
  2. Step 2 of the procedure…


Any referential links should be added to this section. Links appear in the following format hyperlink text