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Opening Issues

If you wish to comment by opening an Issue, or submit changes via a pull request you must:

  1. Establish a GitHub account. In order to submit a comment through the GitHub “Issues” feature, you will need to create a GitHub account.
    You can create an account by browsing to this site: https://github.com/join
    GitHub allows you to remain pseudonymous, just make sure you select the options that suit you on the “Profile” and “Emails” pages of your “Personal Settings”.
    We also highly encourage you to turn on two-factor authentication in the “Security” page, also part of “Personal Settings”.
    How to create account

  2. As you are reading and identify comments you would like to make, you can open an issue by clicking on the Submit Issues Here link in the lower right hand corner of the webpage; OR if you are in GitHub, click the “Issues” tab.

  3. Review open and closed issues to determine if a similar issue has already been created.

  4. Click on the “New Issue” button in the upper right of the screen.
    Create issue

  5. Provide a short description in the field labeled “Title” for the feedback being provided.
    Issue title

  6. Enter information in the “Write” box and describe the issue.

  7. Hit “Submit New Issue” and you are done!
    Submit issue

  8. If you want to keep up with others comments through email and monitor future changes, make sure you choose to “Watch” the project!
    Watch project

If you are familiar with GitHub, you are also welcome to provide changes as a Pull Request.